Gas Suppression

FM 200/Novec 1230 is a waterless fire suppression system that can be used as an alternative to Halon 1301. FM 200/Novec 1230 also provides an environmentally safe, non-toxic product that requires no clean-up, and can be used in rooms that have anything from computer servers to art and history collections.

FM-200/Novec 1230 is another clean agent fire extinguishing medium used for the protection of data processing and telecommunication facilities. FM-200/Novec 1230 requires a concentration range of between 6.25 percent and 9.0 percent for effective fire extinguishment.

FM-200/Novec 1230 leaves no residue or deposits upon discharge and can be removed from an area with simple ventilation.

FM-200/Novec 1230 is stored in cylinders as a liquid. The cylinders are pressurized with nitrogen which acts as a propelling mechanism for the discharge of the agent. As the agent reaches the discharge nozzle it is vaporized and floods the hazard area as a gas. An FM-200/Novec 1230 system can provide an effective fire extinguishing medium with modular hardware that requires minimal space for installation and a most effective means of fire suppression.

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